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The Vision at Altheda Wellness and Innovation is to develop safe and efficacious products that support healthy aging over the life-cycle by:

  • Leveraging extensive in-house expertise in the use of natural compounds as drugs, supplements, and medical foods. 

  • Exploiting proprietary formulation and compounding expertise to produce innovative best-in-class solutions for optimized delivery of natural compounds as drugs, supplements, and medical foods.

  • Integrating sustainable practices through all stages of natural product development and manufacturing.

  • On-line client education and support.

our Founders

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Dr. Melanie Kelly

Chief Scientific Officer

Mel Kelly

Start-up co-founder and Professor of Pharmacology, Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences, Anesthesia, Perioperative Medicine, and Pain Management with decades of experience in therapeutics and drug delivery

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Peter Ford

Chief Product Officer

Peter Ford

Pharmacist & successful business owner focusing on improving and prolonging health, wellness, and vitality through personalized compounding and wellness solutions

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Chris MacLean

Chief Executive Officer

Chris MacLean

Over ten years experience with small to medium sized start-up companies in the areas of Operations, Business Development, and Financial Development to drive growth and achieve strategic goals in dynamic environments

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Chief Technical Officer

Matthew Allain

Pharmacist & formulations expert with a Masters of Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering. Working with the vision of providing naturally derived, effective therapeutic products that help to bridge the gap between nature, science, and medicine.

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Our partners

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